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On the home screen, you can see the "Play" button, a box displaying a player's overall score, their current level and the number of levels they have mastered. There is also an Endless Mode that is unlocked after the player had completed the main game and rescued the survivors. At the bottom of the screen are buttons for the settings menu, player achievements, leaderboards and a share button.

In the settings, the player can alter their cannon controls, reset their level progress, remove ads and restore any previous purchases.

Once the player has clicked "Play", the game will begin at Level 1. The player must use the cannon to bubble each crate before they hit the ground or bonk a survivor. The player must keep at least one of their survivors alive until all crates have fallen. To master a level and achieve a perfect score, the player must bubble each falling crate and keep all survivors above the sand. To give players more choice over how they go about bubbling each crate, in the pause menu, players can access the settings to change what control type they use. They can either use a virtual joystick, or they can use a one-tap control system to move their cannon. Players can also enable or disable the cannon's autofire mechanic. The pause menu also contains tabs for sound, in which players can control the volume for music and SFX, an information tab that contains tips about the game and the game's credits.

While playing any given level, the player will find small bits of information across the top of the screen. The amount of remaining survivors, amount of remaining crates to be bubbled, their score and the level they are on. As the player completes more levels, different crates will appear that are more difficult to bubble, requiring multiple shots from the cannon. In addition to more difficult crates, players will also receive buffs for their cannon in the form of pallets. A pallet may contain an ice block that can temporarily freeze all crates on the screen, a fire rate boost for the cannon, or even up to two additional cannons, allowing the player to even the odds against the ever increasing number of falling crates.

Once a level is completed, a victory animation will show the happy survivors dancing with the wood they've collected from the bubbled crates. The screen will then show the player's score, if they mastered the level, the amount of crates bubbled, the amount of survivors left at the end of the level and the player's overall score from all the levels they have played. On the right side of screen, they can see the survivors' ship, and in the middle, they can see the amount of wood they have collected so far, and the percentage of repairs they have done to the ship. The player then has the option to replay the previous level or move on to the next one.

After the player has bubbled enough wood to repair all ten (10) holes in the ship, the survivors will finally be saved and sail off towards freedom. At that point, the player has completed the game and unlocked Endless Mode. If the player chooses, they can reset their progress and restart the main game to rescue the survivors once again.


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